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In Stores Now!

In Stores Now!

It’s official everyone: we’re launched!
Q&A preserves stocked at Fromagination

Q&A preserves at Fromagination on the Square

After weeks of revising labels, tweaking recipes and preparing preserves, Clare and I delivered our first order to Fromagination on Madison’s Capitol Square today.

They’re stocking three flavors, the same ones available online: Figs and Black Tea, Orange Marmalade with Lemonsand Shallot Confit with Red Wine. Fromagination is a truly outstanding cheese shop and our preserves should fit in perfectly with their emphasis on top-notch artisan products.

So, if you’re at the farmer’s market or are just in the mood to visit one of the best cheese shops in the country, stop by Fromagination at 12 S Carroll St, and get your hands on some first edition Quince and Apple preserves!

We’re very excited to get things going and have a lot of plans for the coming months. Stop back frequently to see what we’re up to.


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