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Why Treat?

If you haven't heard, Quince and Apple recently purchased TreatĀ - an artisan spiced and candied nut maker out of Milwaukee, WI. Since the announcement was made, several people have asked meĀ - why Treat? There are so many ways that the two companies make sense together - we both make really delicious products, we share many of the same customers, we're both from Wisconsin, we both spend a lot of time around the cheese industry. And while these were all very important considerations, they weren't fundamentally what gave us that gut feeling that we should move ahead with buying Treat. Instead, it was the fact that, at their core, both Quince and Apple and Treat are companies that make things. I...

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The nuts and bolts of how we make sure every jar is great

Quality assurance is commonly described as a process to prevent mistakes or fix defects. From this perspective, QA is about defense, ensuring some set minimal threshold of quality. But, at Quince and Apple, we've developed a Quality Assurance program that is fundamentally about driving continuous improvement and making even great things always better. The work our QA team is doing to source a new tea for our Tart Cherry and White Tea preserve is a case in point. Fine teas are like wines, with each vintage showing different flavor and aroma profiles based on the terrior and growing conditions of that year's season. Every so often, we need to bring in a new tea when our supply of a previous...

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We are a Good Food Award winner!

We are very excited to announce that we are a 2017 Good Food Award winner! Our Tart Cherry and White Tea preserve was selected from over 2000 submissions in a blind tasting hosted in San Francisco by the Good Food Foundation.Ā  The Good Food Awards honorĀ andĀ celebrate the kind of food we all want to eat: tasty, authentic and responsibly produced. They grant awards to outstanding American food producers and the farmers who provide their ingredients. Thanks to all of our farmers, employees, customers and friends who have all contributed to helping us make good, award winning food.

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