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We Moved!

We Moved!

If you haven’t heard by now, we moved our facilities to 931 E Main St in Madison. We’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks getting everything in our new space unpacked, organized and up and running. Everything is taking shape and we couldn’t be happier. And best of all, our increased capacity and improved workflows will make it all the easier to get you – our customers – what they need, when they need it.

A special shout out to our amazing team – Cameron, Jen, Julie, Melissa and Shawn – for their incredible work making it all happen as smoothly and painlessly as possible. We truly could not have done it without them.

Shipping is up and running again and we have everything in stock, so keep your orders coming in!

Thanks again for your support of our little company for the past six years to make this dream a reality.

–Matt and Clare

new kitchen

Our shiny new kitchen!

first production new space

1st production in our new space!


production new kitchen

Production in the kitchen


specialty preserve

Specialty preserve production


lounge area

Q&A lounge area


new office

Q&A office


new space production

Jen working on Figs and Black Tea


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