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Valentine's Day Cheese and Jam pairings 💖

Valentine's Day Cheese and Jam pairings 💖

Significant others may come and go, but our love of cheese is eternal. Which is why we've cooked up some of our favorite sweet jam pairings for Valentine's Day - date optional!

Pear with Honey and Ginger with Baked Brie

Fresh from the orchard, our gourmet preserves of ripe pears and crisp apples luxuriate in lush honey and warm grated ginger. Served with warm baked Brie, this is a perfect indulgent treat.

Warm, gooey Brie melds with our luxurious, luscious pear preserve for a truly indulgent pairing. Simply place your cheese on a baking pan and top with several spoonfuls of Pear with Honey and Ginger preserves. Put into a 350 degree oven for 5 to 7 minutes. Remove when cheese is gooey, but not melting. Serve with crackers or crostini for a satisfying crunch.

Raspberry Rose and Gruyere

Our Raspberry Rose gourmet jam pairs perfectly with aged Alpine cheeses like Gruyere or Comte

Bright, spunky Raspberry Rose livens up stately Alpine cheeses, just like Maria does Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Serve a small amount of preserves a top some cheese and a bit of crusty sourdough or baguette.

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