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Our first press!

Our first press!

Quince and Apple is featured on, Madison’s everything-interesting blog, in an article written by Emily Mills.


“Clare and Matt Stoner Fehsenfeld have a simple—but delicious—idea: Bring fresh preserves to the upper Midwest. And that’s exactly what they’re doing with Quince & Apple, their recently launched small business based right here in Madison.

They’re joining the ever-growing ranks of other young people going to work for themselves and focusing on local, sustainable business models. Matt comes from a background helping to run the Mifflin St. Co-op, as well as Potter’s Crackers. Clare has experience with various family entrepreneurial endeavors, but is perhaps best known around town for being one half of the (currently on hiatus) musical duo The Buffali.

The two are putting their individual expertise together and hoping to build a small but strong business through sales at farmer’s markets, local and eventually regional shops, and through their website,

They’ve spent months perfecting recipes and going through batch upon batch of different flavor combinations. ‘Matt did most of that work, and I’ve been his guinea pig for a lot of it,’ Clare laughs.” Read More

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