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Limited-run Organic Red Currant Jam!

Limited-run Organic Red Currant Jam!

We here at Quince and Apple are part of an online food boutique called Foodzie, kind of like Etsy but for food! They feature small, artisan producers from all over the country who are building sustainable, high-quality food businesses. Foodzie is a great place to shop for gifts for friends and to find little producers you wouldn’t stumble across otherwise. My personal favorite thing I’ve found so far are these ladybug chocolates. Tell me they are not mind-blowing.

Lots of currants

So, in honor of Foodzie, we are offering the exclusive online release of our Organic Red Currant Jam in our Foodzie shop! Check it out and you can also browse around for other fun treats. (For you non-internet-orderers, Fromagination in Madison is our exclusive retailer.) They have a pretty good backstory, too. When Matt’s parents moved to Milwaukee, the old lady who had owned their house prior was from England and had a passion for red currants. Apparently, these are generally hard to find in the US, so over the years she’d lived in the house she cultivated several red currant bushes so she could make her own jam.

Ready for cooking

One of Matt’s earliest memories is making this preserve with his mom in the kitchen of that house. Twenty years later, Matt’s younger sister happens to be dating Alex, who works at the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, WI, and is trying to figure out what to do with a hundred and twenty pounds of red currants.

Stemming currants

MFAI is a biodynamic, organic educational farm, so these currants are going to be the highest quality you can find. We combined them with the old lady’s recipe, and created a truly excellent limited-run batch of Organic Red Currant Jam. Each jar is hand labeled and numbered. We only have about three and a half cases left so get them while you can! And we’ll definitely be making more next year – hopefully we can make it one of our seasonal flavors for 2010.

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