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Figs and Black Tea – 77 Square’s latest obsession!

Figs and Black Tea – 77 Square’s latest obsession!

Calling our Figs and Black Tea preserves “ambrosial”, 77 Square, Madison’s weekly Arts and Entertainment rag, features us in this week’s “Recent Obsessions” column!

Here’s what they say:

“Grilled cheese sandwich as haute cuisine? A heavenly combination — and recent obsession — that combines cheesemaker Brenda Jensen’s brilliant new Bohemian Blue (Hidden Springs Creamery) with locally produced Figs and Black Tea preserves from Quince & Apple raises the bar forever on the lowly cheese sandwich. Matt and Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld are the Madison-based jam and preserve makers (do we call them preservationists?) behind Quince & Apple, an entrepreneurial new gourmet food business that’s getting an enthusiastic nod from local foodies. Besides their ambrosial Figs and Black Tea preserves, which pair so well with all kinds of blue cheeses and goat cheese, Quince & Apple also makes a Shallot With Red Wine confit, and a ginger-spiked Orange Marmalade with Lemons. In weeks to come, look for a Red Currant preserve, too. Find them at Fromagination, Metcalfe’s Sentry, Carr Valley’s cheese store, Whole Foods and Barriques.”

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