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The Q&A Pizza from La Fortuna

The Q&A Pizza from La Fortuna

La Fortuna Pizza

How cute is the name of this new touring wood-fired pizza company from Madison? It came to Jen in a dream, and she and hubby Scott, along with their daughter Evie, have been driving from party to festival with a custom-built-oven-on-wheels in tow.

The Q&A Pizza

The whole family was hard at work at last Saturday’s Food For Thought Festival. Scott’s at the oven while Jen and Evie make dough in the screened-in kitchen.

And here’s the Q&A pizza: hand-tossed, wood-fired pizza dough, Shallot Confit with Red Wine, bleu cheese, and bacon.

Clare, satisfied customer

OMG it was delicious. Does it not sound so? We can’t wait to try more from La Fortuna.

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