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Photo shoot with Yonda Photography!

Photo shoot with Yonda Photography!

So, for the last month, we’ve been putting together a bunch of really nice holiday gift boxes. I can’t wait to show them off! So I won’t! Our friends at Yonda Photography did a marathon photo session of nine different images. Here’s me in front of the pro setup.

Clare at the Photo Shoot!

Pretty crazy, no? I learned a thing or two about photography, though to be a real photographer you should know at least 3,500 things. Andrew and Jennifer of Yonda Photo together know at least that much! And they are very fun to work with. Normally they are a wedding photography studio, so the product shots presented interesting challenges.

We wanted the lighting bright but natural, and the angle of the products jaunty but readable. We’re very pleased with the results. Our full holiday catalog should be up online this week!

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