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City Provisions Deli Open!

City Provisions Deli Open!

Photo by Christina Noel

When we met the owners of City Provisions at a fun Chicago Green City Market event, they told us that one night they saw An Inconvenient Truth, and the next day they sold their car and came up with the idea for their business. Or something like that! Anyway, their catering company is super-eco and super cool (I just wish we lived in Chicago so we could hire them for something!).

This week, they opened up a new deli in Ravenswood, north of downtown. We got a sneak peek when we dropped off our first order of preserves for them. Everything in the building is made from reclaimed materials – old barn doors, beautiful wooden benches, even the flooring (I think). The new deli is situated right next to the catering business, meaning the cooler should be full of delicious options.

Tuesday’s Daily Candy gave a great overview of the new place, and the article mentions Quince and Apple! Can’t wait to stop in next time we’re down in the city.

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