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Apples in Sparkling Wine

Apples in Sparkling Wine

Fun! A recent write up in the amazingly-named Poor Taste magazine mentions our Apples in Sparkling Wine preserve, exclusively available from Pastoral Artisan in Chicago.

A little background: inspired by the vast array of artisanal cheeses from our home state, we began Quince and Apple so we could make the perfect cheese-pairing preserves. We always keep our recipes slightly savory and the texture a little loose. The end result is a collaboration that brings out the flavors of both cheese and preserve.

So of course we were excited when Pastoral asked us to create the platonic preserve. One that could pair with almost any kind of cheese – sweet and a little tart, luscious but firm enough. Its abilities range from Gouda companion to Brie topper. We filled up hundreds of jars in November, using heirloom Wisconsin apples, so that the ingredients are local all year.

If you’re looking for the perfect picnic, we recommend picking up a bottle of Cava, some Pleasant Ridge Reserve and a baguette to go along with your preserves. You can find Apples in Sparkling Wine on Pastoral’s website or in any of their three stores.

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