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Fall flavors and recipes

Fall flavors and recipes

Honey Lemon, our newest cocktail syrup, is now available to order on our shop page! Honey Lemon is a combination of local honey, fresh lemon juice, ginger and warm spices. It’s a perfect addition to beverages for the Fall and Winter months. We love this syrup mixed into warm, dark spirits like bourbon or brandy or chilled and shaken with gin.

Spiced Thyme Toddy
makes two cocktails


4 oz Q&A Honey Lemon syrup
2 oz bourbon or brandy
2 tbsp Rishi Masala Chai tea
2 oz fresh lemon juice
Fresh thyme sprig
Cinnamon stick
8 oz hot water


Heat 8 oz of water to 200° F, steep tea for six minutes. Remove tea bag. Add lemon juice, Honey Lemon syrup, and bourbon. Stir to combine. Infuse the cocktail with thyme and cinnamon by stirring gently and allowing the flavors to combine. Sip and enjoy!

Watch our video on how this cocktail is made:

Apples and Cranberry

And don’t forget our Fall/Winter seasonal preserve, Apples and Cranberry! This preserve is full of autumn flavors with local apples, cranberries, honey, orange zest, ginger and bay leaves. and complements aged cheddar and roast turkey. Now available to order on our shop page!


Enjoy this preserve on a cheese and meat platter for holiday entertaining. The fresh apples and warm cranberries provide flavors that are perfect for this season. We paired Wisconsin’s Roelli Red Rock (cheddar blue) cheese with Apples and Cranberry in the photo below.

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