The Savory Box


When the time for dessert rolls around, do you ever just want more dinner? Then our Savory Box is for you.

Two jars of preserves – one of dark, earthy Figs and Black Tea and the other our bold, distinctive Shallot Confit with Red Wine, a 3 oz hunk of cured ‘Nduja sausage from Underground Meats, and a wedge of nutty, robust Marieke Gouda, all ready to eat with Potter’s Classic Wheat Crackers.

6 oz jar each of Figs and Black Tea and Shallot Confit with Red Wine from Quince and Apple, 1 3 oz 'Nudja sausage from Underground Meats, 5 oz package of Potter’s Classic Wheat Crackers and 1/3 lb wedge Marieke Gouda (non-vegetarian)