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Quince and Apple by the Numbers

With just 6 employees, we are a very small company with big dreams of pairing our jam with the best cheeses from around the world.
At 450 square feet, our kitchen is smaller than most of the shops we sell to!
Husband and wife team Matt and Clare founded Quince and Apple in 2009 and it was just the 2 of them for the first 3.5 years.
Matt made the first 70,000 jars Quince and Apple ever sold totally by himself, often late at night after working his day job baking crackers!
On an average day, we make around 850 jars of preserves. Each one is filled by hand with a ladle and funnel.
Every batch is made by 1 artisan who preps the fruit, weighs ingredients, cooks each pot and oversees filling.
A batch is made up of 4 pots. Keeping our pot size small is essential to maintaining the highest quality and we've used the same size pots since day one.
We offer all of our preserves in 1.5 oz, 6 oz and 128 oz foodservice jars.

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