Figs and Black Tea for Mongers

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Cheese board with Figs and Black Tea preserves from Quince and Apple

Quince & Apple steeps dried mission figs in a blend of black Indonesion tea with just a touch of sugar. The result is the perfect blend of natural 'figgy-ness' and gently spicy notes of tea. We're sure you'll love it as much as we do.

– Culture Magazine

Figs and Black Tea is profoundly versatile. It's great with fresh chèvre, bloomy rinds, alpines or blues. And unlike many fig jams on the market, ours is not too sweet. We start with dried black mission figs and rehydrate them in a pot of strong black tea. The result is that we showcase the deeper flavors of figs with notes of dark chocoloate, molasses and coffee. This is an excellent addition to a sandwich as well.

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This is an easy pairing because both of the components go well with everything! Creamy and sweet with some rich notes of molasses and dark chocolate.

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