Apples and Cranberry for Mongers

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Apples and Cranberry preserve on a cheese boardWe love the undertones of ginger, orange and bay that make these spoonable preserves so great with smoked meats, duck, pork chops and sharp cheeses.

– Tina Ujlaki, Executive Food Editor of Food and Wine Magazine

Apples and Cranberry is one of our least sweet preserves, which allows some of the tannins and astringency of the cranberries and tart apples we use to shine through. We back that up with herbal notes from bay leaf, spice notes from fresh ginger and a beautiful local honey from Gentle Breeze Farm that brings a nice floral finish.

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Featured Cheese Pairing



The sweet, tartness of the cranberry blends perfectly with the slight funk of the Challerhocker. This would make an amazing turkey leftovers sandwich!

Cheeses we love with Apples and Cranberry

Bandaged Cheddars

Bleu Mont Bandanged Cheddar
Cabot Clothbound
Lincolnshire Poacher

Aged Cheddars

Hook's Ten Year Cheddar

Bloomy Rind Cheeses

Mt Tam


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