Tart Cherry Grenadine Simple Syrup

Our take on a classic grenadine made from Wisconsin tart cherries. Rich and layered dark fruit flavors with balanced acidity.

Use in any drink recipe that calls for grenadine.

Makes a mean Old Fashioned or Manhattan and mixes well with bourbon, rye, brandy, gin or vodka.

"Call me the patron saint of ... Tart Cherry Grenadine because it’s a blessing I can’t help but pass on."

-Isthmus Newspaper

"Love a good cocktail but struggle to find mixers worthy of your top-shelf hooch? Consider this Madison, Wis.-based producer of syrups and preserves."

-The Wall Street Journal

"It’s a small batch labor of love that pays in dividends—the quality and taste are exquisite."


Good Food Award winner!

Ingredients: Tart Cherries and Cane Sugar