Tart Cherry Grenadine Simple Syrup

Our take on a classic grenadine made from Wisconsin tart cherries. Rich and layered dark fruit flavors with balanced acidity.

Use in any drink recipe that calls for grenadine.

Makes a mean Old Fashioned or Manhattan and mixes well with bourbon, rye, brandy, gin or vodka.

Recipe Ideas for Tart Cherry Grenadine

"Call me the patron saint of ... Tart Cherry Grenadine because it’s a blessing I can’t help but pass on."

-Isthmus Newspaper

"Love a good cocktail but struggle to find mixers worthy of your top-shelf hooch? Consider this Madison, Wis.-based producer of syrups and preserves."

-The Wall Street Journal

"It’s a small batch labor of love that pays in dividends—the quality and taste are exquisite."


Good Food Award winner!

Ingredients: Tart Cherries and Cane Sugar