Due to the current state of the business world being bananas, we may have some out of stock items or substitutions in our gift boxes. Rest assured if we make a substitution it will be a great product of equal or higher value, and we will strive to avoid them if at all possible! Please contact us if you have any questions.



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Breakfast Gift Box

Just add pancakes!

Your Sunday morning just got a whole lot better. Brew up some warm drinks, whip up some pancakes or a big pot of steel cut oats, and top it all off with Quince & Apple Preserves, Treat Nuts, maple syrup, and more. We've also included our favorite recipe for pancakes from scratch.

Also, if you serve breakfast for dinner, you'll get no judgment from us! 

The Breakfast Gift Box includes all of the following:

Due to ongoing supply-chain issues, we will substitute another nice food item if we run into unexpected shortages.