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In Stores Now!

Q&A preserves stocked at Fromagination
It’s official everyone: we’re launched! .

Q&A preserves at Fromagination on the Square

After weeks of revising labels, tweaking recipes and preparing preserves, Clare and I delivered our first order to Fromagination on Madison’s Capitol Square today.

They’re stocking three flavors, the same ones available online: Figs and Black Tea, Orange Marmalade with Lemons and Shallot Confit with Red Wine. Fromagination is a truly outstanding cheese shop and our preserves should fit in … Read more »

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Quince and Apple Go!

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We’re in the final stages of product development and we plan to start turning out preserves May 1!

We’ve been working on Figs and Black Tea – we are drinking tea until it comes out of our ears, trying to find exactly the right blend to go with the figs. It has to be earthy and full and robust but not overpowering. Dark fruit notes. Matt found one that he thinks is the winner yesterday, … Read more »

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